May 27, 2011

A woman in full

A woman in full

Yesterday I was browsing some Vogue magazines and I got inspired by all the socialites I saw there. Their style is simple, chic and it's all about the accessories to make your outfit look expensive, LOL!

Hope you guys like this look! I'll be waiting for your comments :)

A woman in full by verito_cruise featuring 18 karat gold jewelry
Karen Millen rib tank top
45 GBP -

Bruce II sleeveless vest
$368 -

TopShop stripe skirt
$66 -

Bottega Veneta wooden shoes
$1,015 -

Balenciaga bag
$1,925 -

Glam Rock buckle jewelry
$1,345 -

Brown sunglass
435 EUR -

May 26, 2011

Great DIY Project!

Hi guys!
Today I found this great DIY project at the P.S. I made this website!
It's a beautiful golden sea shell necklace inspired by the Marc Jacobs starfish necklace. Here you can see there's no need to spend a lot of cash in designer accessories to look can just make them!

What do you guys think? Will you try to make this cool necklace? I sure will! It's an awesome accessory that will pop out of any outfit ;)

If you want to see the full article just click HERE.

May 22, 2011

London Calling

London Calling

Today was a really gray and cold Sunday...that's why I got inspired by London, a city that shares pretty much the same weather than here in Lima, to create this outfit.
Hope you like it!

London Calling by verito_cruise featuring sheer shawls
Donna Karan sheer top
$650 -

Burberry cape
365 GBP -

By Malene Birger cotton pants
165 GBP -

Christian louboutin shoes
$1,295 -

VBH top handle handbag
2,089 GBP -

Jimmy Choo sheer shawl
$450 -

Loud knit beret hat
$8 -

Hot Trend: Colorful nails

Lately, I've become obsessed with bright color nail polish! Forget the french manicures and traditional colors...the brighter the color, the hotter you'll look!
Following this trend, Essie, the nail polish brand, has released a collection with strong and bright colors called Braziliant.

It's hot among celebrities right now...


Here are some of the nail polishes I have.

I've been looking for turquoise, green and yellow ones but I haven't found them yet. I'm planning to go to OPI to get them asap :)

Are you bold enough to follow this trend? I'll be waiting for your comments :)

My trendiest accessories

Hi guys!

I know I've been MIA, but I'm back and I wanted to show you a little bit more about me and my taste in fashion. Here are some of the trendiest accessories I have :)

These are some Mazzari shoes I bought at Ripley (a retail store here in Peru). They're kind of cut-out booty inspired sandals in camel so they're easy to combine with any look.

 Here are my Mentha & Chocolate sandals. I love the gray suede and brown leather combination, and also the laces. I like to wear them when I want to give an outfit an edgier look.

Now I'll show you my Guess handbags and wallet :) I just looove them because they can dress up any casual outfit.

What do you think about these accessories? Do you like them??

May 15, 2011

My gorgeous new earrings :)

Last week, I was looking for some Mother's Day's presents for my mom, grandma and aunt so I went everywhere I thought I could find something special but didn't find anything until I went to C.C. Caminos del Inca where I found 3 stands that sold independent designers' silver jewelry and I bought earrings for everybody!LOL!

Then, when I was about to leave I saw another stand that caught my eye...they sold some european jewelry from Oliver Weber...and I ended up buying this gorgeous silver earrings with Swarovski crystals...I'm in lve with them!

Now I'm just waiting for the occasion to wear them..haha!! What do you think??Do you like them??

PS:In case you noticed, I took some time this weekend to give a makeover tho the blog. I hope you like it!!!

I haven't had much time to write here but I promise I'll try to make time everyday to write some posts.



Sexy Sargent

Sexy Sargent

After I saw this Giselle Bundchen's photo I got inspired and decided to style a military look with pieces that are trendy right now (specially those above-the-knee boots which I loooooove!)

What do you guys think?

Sexy Sargent by verito_cruise featuring tall denim leggings
$5,145 -

Tall denim legging
$40 -

Emilio Pucci studded boot
$1,790 -

Sissi Rossi zip handbag
$1,110 -

G by Guess chain jewelry
$17 -

About me

Hi! I'm Veronica. I'm a proud peruvian, a life enthusiast and fashion lover.

For me, fashion consists not only in shopping to fill up your closet, but in expressing ideas, concepts and story-telling.

I decided to become a blogger to talk about my life and experiences, my love for fashion, how I incorporate the latest trends in my daily life and to show that it is possible without spending a fortune. I also wanted to show you my fashion line: Fada Couture, some fashion findings and the street style we can see in Lima.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


May 11, 2011

Introducing...Fada Couture

Hi guys! I just wanted to add the link to the website of my clothing line (the one I just started this year). It was created for working women who are active, fashion lovers and risk takers :)

Just go to:

I would really appreciate if you could give me your feedback about the first collection!!

PS: I will post some pictures of the clothes here too ;)
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