April 24, 2012

LIF WEEK 2012 - Day 1: Adolfo Dominguez

Finally, Lima Fashion Week (a.k.a LIF Week) has begun!

Yesterday, I attended the Adolfo Dominguez fashion show and it was amazing.
He showcased his collection for both men and women.

In menswear he used a lot of navy blue, grays and beige. I really loved the t-shit + blazer combination and also the vests (I love how they can make a guy look "gentleman-y" without looking older).

The colors used in the womens collection were pastels (shocking!) in solid, floral and tribal prints. There were oversized jackets mixed with fitted dresses or blouses and skinny printed pants. He also presented gorgeous flowy maxi dresses in pastels...very ethereal looking (to die for!).

I wore a LBD with a silk satin skirt on top that I made (I'll write a DIY post for it at the end of the week) and a pair of golden high heel salndals.

P.S: I just want to apologyze for the awful quality of the photos...I had to borrow my mom's camera - mine was stolen :( - and it sucks!! I'l try to buy a good one this week...

Hope you liked them anyway. Pls leave me your comments and let me know what you think!!


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