May 02, 2012

LIF WEEK 2012 - Day 5: Noe Bernacelli

Unfortunately I couldn't get any tickets for the fashion shows of day 3 and 4 (but soon I'll write a post about the designers and shows I didn't go to). On day 5, I attended Noe Bernacelli's fashion show and it was breathtaking!!!
He used a lot of transparencies, lace and embroidered fabrics to create really luxurious dresses with an ethereal feel to them. It was, for me, the best fashion show of the ones I saw live.

What do you guys think of the collection? What do you think about my outfit? Let me know! :)



LIF WEEK 2012 - Day 2: Fatima Arrieta

On day 2, My bff and I attended the Fatima Arrieta fashion show at LIF Week.
Here are some photos of her collection.

What do you think of this collection? I loved all the evening gowns...!!


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